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'Moenie bang wees nie!! Sien uit na die nuwe jy en die verskil in jou lewe... Ons is in ons daaglikse lewe aan baie omgewings toksienes blootgestel. Ons asem nie net al die toksienes in nie, maar ons kosse word aan baie gifstowwe blootgestel om oeste moontlik te maak. Daar is sekere kosse wat natuurlik die liggaam skoonmaak en suiwer van al die negatiewe blootstelling.' 

'Don't be scared! Get excited to meet the new you and see the difference in your life... We  are exposed to toxins daily, not only the ones we inhale, but through the foods we eat as well. Harvests are sprayed with chemicals we then consume. In some cases there are natural food substances which can rid the body of dangerous chemicals. Reset and detox your body of all the destructive exposure.'

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HEALTH A to Z / Detox and Reset Diet / Detox and Reset Diet

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